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GenPod 70


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A favorite among flight crew and end users!  In the field, a user can simply flip two clips and swap the full engine system.  The GenPod includes all the necessary electronics, fuel pumping system, EFI system, ignition and even motor mount isolation.  When it is time for your TBO overhaul, simply swap the GenPod out for a new one.

Zero down time allows for focus on the flight operations:  Having a GenPod as a spare can save tens of thousands of dollars in vehicle down time for scheduled maintenance.  The GenPod allows operators to maintain flight ops tempo by keeping all vehicles in operation.

Rapid Integration for new aircraft platforms: New aircraft designs can integrate the GenPod with very little R&D effort.  Most companies spend hundreds of engineering hours deciding where to place ECU components, fuel system lines and pump, as well as filters, designing vibration isolation.  This is all eliminated with the GenPod.  Simply plug in the power, connect your fuel tank and give a throttle position.  Starting occurs with a simple 5V signal.

Built In Starter Generator:  The GenPod is equipped with a built in starter and up to 500 W of electrical power for the avionics system.  The starter generator system as well as power management unit is included in the price.

Note: PMU is a separate piece of hardware and is not included in the GenPod weight and dimensions.

Silent Muffler System:  Every GenPod comes with a silent muffler set that reduces acoustic signature and acoustic non-detectability altitude.


The unit is available in pusher or tractor configuration.  Cowling options are available on request.  Faring mount points are located on the GenPodTM to allow customers to design special covers over the GenPod.


Power management Voltage outputs can be factory set.  Please contact HFE International for details about output options.

Additional information

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Actual Displacement

70cc (4/27 ci)

Momentary Peak Power@Rated RPM

4.5 kW (6 hp) @ 9000 RPM

Max Continuous Power

3.7 kW (5 hp) @ 7000 RPM

Peak Torque @ RPM

5 N-m (3.7 ft-lb) @7500 RPM

Max Torsional Impulse

29 N-m (21.6 ft-lb)

Crusie BSFC @ RPM

437 g/kW-hr (0.72 lb/hp-hr) @ 6000 RPM

Do Not Exceed Max RPM

9000 RPM

Rated (useable) Max RPM

8300 RPM

Standard Operating RPM Range

3000 – 7500 RPM

Full System Weight with Mufflers

5.06 kg (11.15 lb)

Full System Power to Weight Ratio

0.9 kw/kg (0.54 hp/lb)

Nominal Current Draw (12V)

0.5 A

Maximum Current Draw (12V)


Rated Max CHT

130 C (270F)

Do Not Exceed CHT

190C (375F)

CHT After Warm Up

93 C (200 F)

Rated Ambient Minimum

-18 C (0 F)

Rated Ambient Maximum

49 C (120 F)

Nominal Dynamic Compression

8.3 Bar (120 PSI)

Compression Ratio

8.5 : 1

Time Between Overhauls

300 hours

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