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HFE Presents at UAV Propulsion Conference

HFE Presents at UAV Propulsion Conference

Recently, Tom West, CEO of HFE International, participated in the 9th Annual Conference on Propulsion Technologies for UAVs.

Held at Technion University in Haifa, Israel — the event is attended by participants from around the world.  

Conference Scope

This one day event provides a platform to collaborate and discuss the latest technologies in UAV propulsion. It brings together researchers, scholars, commercial entities, and policy makers alike.

Students and engineers interested in UAV propulsion are also welcome to attend the Conference.

The aim of the Conference is to share knowledge and ideas. As such, lectures cover a wide range of technologies relevant to UAV propulsion — from new battery chemistry to IC engine advancements. 

Learn more about the Conference on Propulsion Technologies for UAVs.

HFE Participation

This year, West received an invitation to participate as a presenter. West’s lecture focused on the effects of torque impulse. 

In particular, West discussed the importance of managing vibration, improving hardware for shock and vibration. Plus, he introduced HFE International’s all-in-one solution: the GenPod.

The GenPodTM includes all the necessary electronics, fuel pumping system, EFI system, ignition, and even motor mount isolation.

When it is time for your TBO overhaul, users simply swap the GenPodTM out for a new one. Thereby, nearly eliminating flight operational down-time.

Learn more about HFE International’s propulsion solutions.


Founded in 2010, HFE International develops and manufactures high end propulsion systems for UAV’s, drones, unmanned systems, and ground support equipment. These propulsion systems include fuel-injection and rotary systems with gasoline and multi/heavy fuel operation.

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