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About Us & Who We Are

HFE International is a small high-tech company that was founded in November of 2010 to address the growing demand for reliable small engines. The target market for the company includes unmanned aircraft, ground, underwater, and surface machines as well as ground support equipment. HFE provides turn-key engine packages in an AS9100 certified environment. HFE provides a suite of products as well as technical support staff to design customized electronic fuel injection systems and generator systems for any customer engine.


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CNC Machining and AS 9100 Certified Products

HFE International has partnered with Central Components, an AS9100 and ISO: 9001-2008 certified machine shop. This partnership expands our capability to machine prototypes and produce hardware with all the quality certifications that most UAV manufactures require

We also build turnkey engine assemblies at the facility giving the customer one of the nation’s only AS 9100 certified engine products for small UAV’s.